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Helping Students Develop Their Musical Skills

Music Lessons

My Music Pop classes are held on a weekly basis.  Currently  lessons are online until further notice.  The monthly rates are as follows:

  • 240 dollars a month for 30-Minute Lessons
  • 360  dollars a month for 45-Minute Lessons
  • 480 dollars a month for 60-Minute Lessons 
  • Beginner group piano for children

    260 dollars a month for 60 minute lessons

    Ages 5-7

  •  Primary group theory for children

    280 dollars a month for 45 minute lessons 

  • Theory group level one for children

    280 dollars a month for 45 minute lessons

Recitals, prep classes and concerts are at an extra cost.

Suzuki Piano, Cello, and Guitar

The Suzuki program is designed for young children, so their musical ability can be developed at a young age. Technique is taught through context of pieces and ear training. Parents are encouraged to play an active role in their child's learning process.

Contemporary Piano, Cello, and Guitar (Popular/Blues and Jazz)

From the beginner to the advanced player, this program will be customized to meet the student’s needs. Students can choose from in-home music lessons or studio lessons.


Music Theory

Theory and history knowledge makes learning music easier and more interesting. Courses in preliminary, 1 and 2 Rudiments, History 3, 4, and 5, and Harmony 3 and 4 are offered and based on the Royal Conservatory syllabus.

Royal Conservatory of Music Courses

The Royal Conservatory is one of the largest and most respected music education institutions in the world for 130 years, providing the definitive standard of excellence in curriculum design, assessment, performance training, teacher certification and arts-based social programs.

I am certified to teach Royal Conservatory of Music piano levels beginner to level 10. For Royal Conservatory of Music cello levels beginner to

early intermediate.

Traditional Piano (Classical)

My students have the option to explore a plethora of musical styles and areas of interest. Special focus will be placed on the honing of their musicianship with an emphasis on tonal development, technique, and repertoire. I also encourage students’ participation in recitals and festivals.

Performance Services

A piano performer can be hired for any social occasions such as weddings, proposals, receptions, birthdays, retirement parties, and any other reason for celebration. This service will provide a special ambiance for you and your guests. Classical, romantic, popular, and jazz/blues repertoire is available for any occasions and for any musical taste.

My classes and services are available to clients in San Francisco, California and other areas.

Online Booking

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Testimonials From My Clients

“Elaine is enthusiastic, positive and motivating! She helps her students set realistic and challenging goals, and enables them to accomplish them. Elaine inspires our daughter’s confidence as a pianist and a musician. Thanks Elaine!”

"The reward system employed works very well, and keeps Hannah interested!”

"The Christmas Recital was a Great Experience!!!"

"I have been with Encore Music Studio, and more specifically Elaine, for over 10 years. To have Elaine as my piano teacher was a privilege as well as an honor. Her exceptional teaching skills and creative approach allowed me to develop my musical ability beyond what I imagined.

Her weekly lessons not only taught me piano, but also shined light towards being more conscious of life’s demands. Elaine’s benevolent and light-hearted personality has helped me grow from a shy and conserved musician who would only play to myself, to one who has an increased sense of confidence and the ability to play in front of thousands.

I would endorse Elaine to anyone interested in learning music."

"Elaine is a very knowledgeable instructor who has been able to teach our children to a high standard of excellence. She is very good with children of all ages and abilities. Both of my children are very different learners and Elaine has been able to discover this and teach to their strengths while making them feel confident about learning what they are unsure of.

Elaine is very organized and has a definite plan for each of her students. Several times a year Elaine holds recitals for her students in various locations. These students come to the recitals well-prepared and confident in their performances. I have not only experienced this with my own children, but have seen the performances of the other

students at the recitals.

For students who are taking Royal Conservatory Exams, Elaine prepares them very well and gets them ready for what they are to experience so that this too is non-threatening for them.

I do not hesitate to recommend Elaine for any position teaching music to children and/or adults. I feel that Elaine’s manner of teaching is one which allows each individual to excel and to believe in themselves and their abilities.”

Woman and baby in front of a piano
Woman and baby in front of a piano
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